Focus Physical Therapy


Hello Bend FC Timbers footballers! Focus Physical Therapy is very excited to be your sponsor and official rehab provider this year! We value the mission of the Timbers organization and are dedicated to keeping you playing and moving for life. By partnering with Focus Physical Therapy, you have access to our amazing team of rehabilitation experts dedicated to your fun and success, and we’re very excited to show you and the team what we can do.


We have two clinics in Bend to serve your needs (Eastside close to the hospital and Westside above the Old Mill). We have 9 highly skilled therapists with years of experience working with athletes of all ages.


Teamwork, skill and communication help us achieve amazing results. We offer:

  • ❖  One-on-one evaluation and treatment - Our attention matters, and makes a

    difference in a player’s recovery

  • ❖  Rapid access to care- often times we can get a player in for assessment within 24


  • ❖  Resources for past or nagging issues - We want to keep small or past injuries from

    becoming a problem now - proactive assessment will keep players on the field

  • ❖  Teamwork- We maintain direct contact with coaches, physicians, athletic trainers and

    strength coaches as well as family members to communicate our plans and ensure

    the smoothest, fastest return to play

  • ❖  Quick injury screenings for piece of mind -In addition to our hour-long injury

    evaluation and treatment, we also offer quick 15 minute screening consults to help players decide whether an injury is appropriate for PT, rest, or medical referral. Piece of mind in a busy world.

  • ❖  Dedicated times for Timber’s players- each week we’ll have a couple of spots just for Timber’s players. Give us a call or drop in.


    Peter Schrey and Burke Selbst are your lead PTs Peter can be reached by:

  • Email: [email protected]

  • Cellphone: 541-390-9069

    Cheers to a successful and healthy season!
    Peter, Burke and the rest of the Focus Physical Therapy team

Summer Timbers Injury Prevention Drive

Find, Fix and Prevent Injuries with Focus Physical Therapy

Had an injury in the past that stopped you from playing, even for just a game or two? Research shows that even if you don’t feel it anymore, changes in your body from that injury make it more likely to be re-injured in the future. We want to prevent that!

This Spring, Focus Physical Therapy is pitching in to make sure past injuries don’t come back by offering a round of free biomechanical and movement screenings. We’ll bring our team and our tools to the field for this program.

Common past injuries that benefit from a screening now

  • ●  Sprains and Strains including rolled ankles,knee pain and muscle pulls

  • ●  Back pain

  • ●  Shin Splints, Stress Fractures, Turf Toes

  • ●  Arm, wrist or shoulder pain from falls

  • ●  T endinitis from overuse

    What’s Included?

    A screening using our functional tools includes an assessment of:

  • ●  Strength

  • ●  Flexibility

  • ●  Balance

  • ●  Alignment during activities (like jumping, cutting and running)

    The screening should take about 8-10 minutes
    A summary of findings on the screening will be shared with the athlete and coach with our recommendations

    Stay tuned for official dates and times

    Have a problem that needs immediate attention? Contact us for fast Timbers scheduling [email protected]