Board of Directors


Adam Carroll President
Teresa Cravens Secretary  
Christy Schmidt Treasurer  
Brent Bradley Board Member  
Kelly Sparks Board Member  
Dean Wright Board Member  
Leigh Capozzi Board Member  
Michelle Hart Board Member  
Leila Carter Board Member  
Joe Walsh Board Member  



The Bend FC Timbers Board of Directors meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6:00-8:00pm at the Bend FC Timbers office. The location of the BFCT office is 145 NE Revere in Bend. The office (suite 6) is down the interior hallway between the insurance agency and the pottery studio.


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April 2017 - AGM

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December 2017

January 2018

February 2018

March 2018 - No Meeting

April 2018 - AGM

May - Organizational Assessment

June 2018

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August 2018 - No Meeting

October 2018 - No Meeting

November 2018

BEND FC TIMBERS BYLAWS - Updated April 2018