Central Oregon Futsal League


WHAT: What is 'futsal?' Simply stated, indoor soccer.  But using walls is not allowed.  It’s all about ball control!

WHO: All boys and girls born between 2007-2012 who register individually and are then placed on specific teams based on gender and age. 

WHEN: November 30th- January 15th, with two week break given around the holidays.  30 minute games are played within a ’45-minute window’ between 4:00-6:00pm on either Mondays and Wednesdays.

WHERE: Bend FC Timbers Soccer Complex at Pine Nursery Park 

COST: $110 for a total of 8 matches. 

RULES: Futsal League Rules



Team Roster:  ROSTERS
Team Schedule:  SCHEDULES

At this time, we are limited to the total number of participants and spectators at and around the complex.  In order for us to have a league, we are not permitted to have any spectators watching even outside of the fence.


TWO WEEK FREEZE - Nov 18 - Dec 2, 2020.  With the statewide Two Week Freeze mandate issued by Gov. Kate Brown on November 13, 2020 we will be looking to make some adjustments to the location of our Winter Training programming.   Indoor programming we had scheduled will be moved outdoors to the Bend FC Timbers Turf Soccer Complex located at Pine Nursery during the freeze. The Two Week Freeze is from Nov. 18 - Dec. 2, 2020. 

MASKS REQUIRED STATEWIDE - Masks, face shields or face coverings are currently required statewide for indoor public spaces (for example, grocery stores, pharmacies, public transit, personal services providers, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and more). In addition, face coverings are required in outdoor public spaces when physical distancing is not possible.


For more information, contact Dan Cheeseman. Dan@bendfctimbers.com