U15-U18 Philosophy

U15 - U18 Philosophy

At this age, players should be technically and tactically sound and capable of performing complex skills. This is a college readiness program where each player should be able to manipulate the ball with skill moves, dribbling with the ball at speed, 1 and 2 touch passing, being able to use the right and left foot over distance, heading and recognizing number up situations on the field. Players now have developed an understanding and have taken ownership of the team's system of play. The focus centers on team ball movement, player movement, team shape and having discernment of knowing when to go forward and when to maintain possession. At this age each player needs conditioning with and without the ball in order to maintain a competitive edge. The majority of training sessions are centered on game situations and tactical concepts. The training sessions must be competitive to simulate game situations. The preparation on the field and the club curriculum training programmed for every team, prepares and places players into high-level opportunities. The program is also dedicated to assisting players to be showcased on a platform and be recognized by college coaches from around the country. Players must take complete ownership of their development and be committed to excelling. With the progression from the fundamental development stages to the High School readiness program, each player and team will have the opportunity to completely mature and reach his and her maximum potential.