Laws of the Game


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Mask Mandate

  • Face Coverings Required for all Players, Coaches, and Referees in practice and in games. 
    • A face covering that covers the nose and mouth is mandatory in all practices / games for all players and coaches (and referees).
      • Face coverings may slip down or fall off during the course of play, and these instances should be corrected by the participant as quickly as possible.
      • If a player clearly refuses to properly wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, the referee should instruct the player to correct the equipment issue. 
      • If the player does not immediately correct the issue, the referee should instruct the player to exit the field at the next stoppage of play. After the player exits the field and shows that the equipment issue is corrected, the referee should give permission for the player to re-enter the field at the halfway line.

Information on small-sided standards

Under US Soccer and beginning August 1, 2017, new standards in youth soccer were implemented across the country. These standards are known as Player Development Initiatives (PDIs). A key component to these PDIs is new standards of play for small-sided games. OYSA Developmental League adopted these standards in 2018. The Developmental League is managed by OYSA in accordance with the bylaws and policies of OYSA, US Youth Soccer (USYS), and the US Soccer Federation (USSF).

The COSL Rules were developed from those PDI standards ( and OYSA Development League rules (  For further detail about these rules, please visit their web sites. 

What are small-sided standards?

Small-sided standards are youth games played with less than 11 players on each team. Playing with less players on the field means that players are constantly involved in play and provided with more opportunities for touches on the ball and overall player development. Not only are there fewer players, but small-sided games also use smaller fields, goals and balls, shorter game times and some different rules to optimize the game for younger players.


Referee Abuse

If any player, coach, manager, spectator, club official, or game official is charged with referee abuse or assault, the league director may suspend such person from any further participation in the tournament. The league director may also disqualify that person’s team from any further participation. If the league director disqualifies a team, the team will forfeit all of its games in the tournament, whether played or unplayed.


FIFA Laws of the Game except as specifically modified

U11/U12 (5th/6th Grade)

U9/U10 (3rd/4th Grade)

U7/U8 (1st/2nd Grade)

U5/U6 (Pre-K/K)


Field Sizes

4 vs 4 - Fields 6A, 6B, 6C, 6D. Big Sky Park. 

7 vs 7 - Field 4 & Field 5. Big Sky Park

9 vs 9  - Field 1.  Big Sky Park. & East 1 & East 2. Bend FC Timbers Soccer Complex