U11-U12 Philosophy

U11 - U12 Philosophy

 The U11/U12 Program within BFCT is a unique training development program designed to prepare players to progress to the 11v11 game. We have committed a lot of club resources to support this program and supplied what we feel to be an excellent coaching staff. Players will be initially combined into training groups to evaluate them in more detail. From there teams are picked. Rosters have some fluidity to them and are dynamic so players have the opportunity to play on any team they are eligible for. The program is designed to give players a first taste of a more competitive environment. While individual technical improvement is still the main emphasis there will be tactical aspects introduced over the span of the program since teams will participate in the Oregon Youth Soccer Association leagues. Winning games will not be the emphasis over individual technical development so it is important for parents to understand that and see the progress players make. As players improve individually, the team improves and therefore results improve. BFCT simply does not have the number of players that clubs in the valley have at their disposal and therefore our coaches need to make better individual soccer players as opposed to competing against bigger, faster and stronger opponents. Coaches will be tasked with assisting players in attaining benchmarks throughout the year based around technical proficiency.