Team Check-In

2021 Location, Date, and Hours: All teams must have a representative check in 1 hour before their first game, with the field marshal at the location of their first game.

What To Bring: 

  •  6 Rosters must be presented - these rosters must have the following information:
    • state association id #s
    • jersey #s
    • must be signed by your club registrar w/contact information.

The Field marshal will retain 1 copy for tournament records, and the other 5 will be returned. Each game the team must give the referee one of the copies.

Please note, you are welcome to use any roster as long as it has all the information listed above. Below are blank roster templates that can be used if you cannot produce a roster from your club. 

U13-U19 Roster Template

U11/U12 Roster Template

U9/U10 Roster Template


*No player cards are necessary at checkin, but please be able to provide proof of age if there is any issue during the tournament.